December 9 - 11, 2022


AI Hackathon

Win up to $50K in cash prizes by building
the best AI-powered product with your team.
Virtual hackathon hosted by AssemblyAI.
The API platform for state-of-the-art AI models.

Win Up To $50,000 In Cash Prizes

1st Place


+ $3,500 in AssemblyAI API Credits
2nd Place


+ $1,000 in AssemblyAI API Credits
3rd Place


+ $500 in AssemblyAI API Credits


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Nat Friedman
Investor, Former CEO of
Daniel Gross
Investor, Former Partner of
Y Combinator
Dylan Fox
Founder & CEO of
Lenny Rachitsky
Author & Investor, Former Product Lead of Airbnb
Omar Sanseviero
Machine Learning Engineer Lead Hugging Face
Nick Frosst
Cofounder of Cohere


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Misra Turp
Developer Advocate
Patrick Loeber
Developer Advocate
Chanin Nantasenamat
Senior Developer Advocate
Daniel Kornaś
ML Engineer
Infineon Technologies
Jaydeep Karale
Software Engineer
Sophia Yang
Senior Data Scientist
Anaconda, Inc.
Shubham Saboo
Head of DevRel
Tenstorrent Inc.

Suggested Tools, Models, and APIs

Here's a short list of open-source models and APIs you can build with during the hackathon. You're not limited to these tools, but the fine folks from some of these companies will be in our Discord providing support & free credits during the hackathon. If you'd like to add your company to this list, fill out this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AI Hackathon?

The AI Hackathon is a 3-day virtual hackathon hosted by AssemblyAI. We've been inspired by recent advancements in AI and wanted to support the innovation further with our first AI Hackathon. Teams of developers will work together to build projects that solve real-world AI problems ($5k bonus for the best project built with AssemblyAI).

When is the hackathon?

December 9, 10am PT - December 11, 4:30pm PT.

Is the AI Hackathon virtual or in person?

The AI Hackathon is a virtual-only hackathon.

Who can participate?

Anyone above legal age of majority in the country of residence. All countries/territories are eligible to participate, excluding standard exceptions as outlined by Devpost.

How do I participate?

RSVP on Hopin and add the event to your calendar! We'll provide more information on hacking, judging, and project submission closer to the hackathon date, so stay tuned for the opening ceremony!

What projects can I build?

Developers can utilize open source AI models, APIs like AssemblyAI, StabilityAI, and OpenAI, or home-grown AI models to build the best AI-powered, AI-first products. Join thousands of developers from around the world in a fun weekend of remote hacking.

What's an AI-powered product?

Innovative products/projects that leverage new AI models. Think,,, etc.

Does it cost anything to register for the AI Hackathon?

It’s free to participate!

How many people can be on a team?

You can have up to four people on one team.

How to register as a team?

Teams are registered during project submission. When submitting your project, all of your team members should register on Devpost and be added to the project.

Once you start your submission form, you'll see a place to add your teammates’ email addresses or grab a link you can share with them directly that will add them to the submission form.

What are the expected deliverables?

All projects will be submitted using Devpost. The expected deliverables are as follows:
- 2 min video project demo
- Project overview questions (e.g., elevator pitch, project story, about the project, etc.)
- GitHub Repo link

What if I don’t have a team?

If you don’t have a team, you’ll have an opportunity to look for a teammate in our Discord server!